Iraqi TV Debate: Is the Earth Flat?

A debate between an Iraqi “Researcher on Astronomy” and a physicist on Iraqi television. With subtitles.


53 thoughts on “Iraqi TV Debate: Is the Earth Flat?

  1. Ludwig

    Has this video been created by the CIA to render muslims being idiots? Effectively, this will contribute to mutual hate and contempt – which is the base of international understanding in the new millenium. So, folks, continue!

  2. Machiavelli

    The knowledge of the roundness of earth is as old as the times of ancient Greek Philosophy, that means several hundred years older than any Arab invention. The fact that the zero and the numbers we use come from the muslim world means nothing. They don’t seem to have used their knowledge for anything. At least I don’t know any recent Muslim scientific or technical device that’s used around the world (Falafel and Döner Kebab don’t count). Where’s the latest Arabic Nuclear Powerplant techology sold to the rest of the world? Where’s Muslim Biotech, Astrophysics, any engineering invention from the last 200 years that’s spread over the world?
    I don’t want to prove any inferiority but I want to show that the “ancient Muslim wisdom” argument doesn’t prove anything either, because even the wise men of the days of old got many their scientific and religious/philosophical ideas from other cultures, like Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrism etc. Same with the Judaeo-Christian culture that didn’t come from nothing.

  3. Mackenzie

    The Koran doesn’t describe the existence or prove the effectiveness of eyeglasses, yet he wears them.

    It’s like fundy Christians in Kansas…

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