haha.nu.DidUKnow – The Light Speed

If you fire a gun while near light speed, will the bullet EXCEED light speed? Do you know the answer? Click to learn out.

Illustrative image @ Kipourax. @ haha.nu.

One thought on “haha.nu.DidUKnow – The Light Speed

  1. Darren Gamble

    Ok here is one. Think of a helicopter blade. at the joint it’s going and less than the speed of sound, and at the tip it’s exceding the speed of sound.

    Now put this same concept to the night sky. I see a star that is 100,000,000 light years away, and I turn my head and see a star that is 3 billion light years away. Technically these two stars could be 7 billion light years apart. Does that mean my vision just travelled 7 billion light years from it’s original view?

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