Strange statues around the world

This is one of our most successful post ever. In fact, with this post, is known to the world through several big world medias, incl. Yahoo! 7 TV, Deutsche Welle, MSN, Daily Mails…

Through the years, we transformed this post to our own pictures server, but now we will just reuse the blogzine to re-post the photos as a series, like several series we already have here @ In the future, new statue additions will be added as posts to the series too. So, just enjoy again with the link to the series below.

Click here to enjoy: statues around the world series

Ginza.jpg_595 statues around the world series. @

1,171 thoughts on “Strange statues around the world

  1. Charles Walters

    In a magazine I saw a small picture reputed to be of a statue outside the Kansas City Police Communications Building of a standing man with his fingers in his ears, a blindfold wrapped around his head and a shoe stuffed in his mouth. Before I believe that such a statue exists (and is not a Photoshop creati0n, I’m still looking for independent confirmation. Given its alleged location I find it hard to believe that any police authority would have tolerated such an apparent commentary on “police communications”,

  2. melissa

    wow .. they are so amazing … its so wonderful ho people have such grate imagination .. how people just think of these things .. it really just makes you wonder how .. why .. people would think like that .. but if they didnt .. then the world would be boring dont you think ..

  3. Logan

    I found this page using stumbleupon, and liked it so much I added it to my favorites. It kinda makes me feel like the world still appreciates art.

  4. Munden

    The sculpture that’s probably the most infamous in this lot (22, 23, and 24 in the ‘unidentified’ section) is called “The Bench of Vices” and is by Lea Vivot. It’s in Prague.

    Picture 25 is also by Lea Vivot and is called “Lover’s Bench”. This one has moved around between cities. The picture was probably taken in New York City, but I’m not sure which of the various locations it is.

    If you want to see the locations of many of these sculptures in Google Earth, I’ve compiled a set of placemarks:

  5. Munden

    I managed to find a picture of “Lovers’ Bench” to match the one you have, and it was taken in the Montreal Botanical Guardens.

  6. Munden

    Dave, concerning your question about the guy in #25:

    The statue is by Leontii Usov and is of Anton Chekhov. It’s located in Tomsk, Russia. I’ve read that the statue is apparently in mockery of the writer for what he said of their town.

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