Spot The Differences

Already found the five differences? Try to find here now. Thanks to carl for the submit.


4 thoughts on “Spot The Differences

  1. Charles

    Please do not distort the issues as that creates a reaction to a false premise. Bush is neither as cunning nor of such mal-intent as Hitler. Bush did not cause the events leading to the United States being attacked. President Bush appears more likely to be naive in his role playing as commander – caught up in the moment of glory. The greater danger does not appear to be Bush becoming a Hitler type figure but in this administration’s focus on increased presidential power; this power could play into the hands of a future president more inclined to subjugate American citizens. We the People need a solution that avoids the threat of subjugation at home or from abroad.

    Although in times of crisis we can benefit from strong leadership, I am not in favor of an overly strong presidency. Remember, however, that the Reichstag was complicit in giving up power like our current congress. The People, ala congress, do not seem to offer much at this time. This, I believe, is because we are facing a type of Evil that many refuse to acknowledge exists. A clear moral imperative can challenge those who find comfort in the ambiguity of relativism. Who are we America? Our time is at hand! Can we provide alternative solutions along with our criticism?

  2. Daniel Kim

    I recall reading an editorial that pointed out that one of the earlier users of the term “enhanced interrogation” was the GeStaPo.

  3. DL


    “Bush is worse than Hitler, and Charles is an ignorant.”

    Thats patent nonsense.

    For all the ill of todays world ( & their are many) -Bush’s policy is not based on racial theory. A theory that led to the deaths of millions and the suffering of countless more. By comparing Bush to Hitler you defile the memory of Hitlers victims.

    BTW –saying such a thing on the 11th Nov is doubly insulting to the fallen

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