Made in Japan – Pandog

It barks, catches balls, like bones… it feels (and it is a dog), but it looks like a… panda. Freaky cool. See also these tigons and ligers and these tigery pigs.


7 thoughts on “Made in Japan – Pandog

  1. Tina

    Man you don’t even know how long I’ve waited for this since disabling my own Movable Type widget (that doesn’t work since Haloscan bypasses that code).


  2. ETX

    I think we’re loking at one of the smaller terriers with some luck on the marking then some furious in-breeding. It’s as cute as a hat full of kittens, but I’m not sure I approve.

  3. shirley

    Some idiots have dyed some poor innocent dog to look like a right twerp!!!!!
    trust the japanese.

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