HTML Tags illustrated

Paul from England has sent this collection of photos illustrating visually the HTML tags. These photos are from the collection HTML jokes, click on the link to see more from the collection and also credits to the appropriate authors. Thanks to Scott Reynen for the help. Author(s) is unknown however, please help us to make credits. -Quang-


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42 thoughts on “HTML Tags illustrated

  1. G

    USSR is not an acronym, in the strict sense.
    An acronym is an abbreviation that is pronounced as a new word, such as SCUBA or NATO.

  2. Ross

    What, you DON’T pronounce USSR as “you-sir”? What’s wrong with you?

    Great post, thanks for making me aware of the flickr pool….love the puns.

  3. Jonathan Holst

    It’s a cool idea, but of this collection, I see a little mistake: Number 7 has a , but doesn’t have a closing tag.

    Anyway, it’s cool. I’m especially fond of the one, which set it all off, as far as I know.

  4. rerun04

    ooh, i like that!
    and as i’m a fan of word jokes, espacially the one with the ‘italic’ (italian) tags!!!

  5. Sayantani

    Very hilarious. Specially the one was hilarious. i sent this site to couple of other friends to share the smile.

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