Fat to thin

Another… crazy japanese(??) experiment with an… owl. Man, anything else they could come up with?


@ haha.nu.

17 thoughts on “Fat to thin

  1. EG

    This may be something that all birds do when afraid. My mother’s parakeets press their feathers tight when they’re startled by something. “Getting small” we call it . . . Presenting a smaller targer perhaps?

  2. Anne Onimus

    Yeah, it’s Japanese. The narrator speaks the language and the text in the video is also in Japanese. :)

  3. Jules

    Yeah, it’s Japanese – and it’s not about getting thin, but rather about an owl’s reaction to getting surprised…

  4. James

    Am I alone in thinking we shouldn’t encourage this sort of thing? The Japanese make me sick, they’re a sadistic race when you look at what they consider to be ‘entertainment’.

  5. gringo

    Pretentious aren’t we James? Although I’m sure you’re not alone. I imagine that many other racists feel the same way you do.

  6. gringo

    Pretentious aren’t we James? I imagine that you aren’t alone tho. I’m sure there are many other racist people out there that agree with you.

  7. Joe Blow

    Nice Gringo.
    That wasn’t racism.
    You should learn the difference between generalizing, and racism, it will make you a happier person.

  8. harry

    Makes you wonder if they do this trick a lot, I mean it looks like some kind of zoo doesn’t it? That’s so mean to frighten an animal like that for entertainment, an owl’s heart is way smaller and faster than ours. Saying ‘the Japanese make me sick’ is definitely rascist btw.

  9. Kate

    Generalizing would be “All Japanese are shorter with black hair”. Racist would be “All Japanese are sadistic because some of them did something I don’t agree with. They all make me sick.”

    Take your own advise.

  10. Suzz

    Holy crap, people, it’s a wild animal with a natural defense mechanism. a jack in the box is not going to stress it out to an unhealthy degree.

    Actually I have a confession: The other day I was vacuuming and my cat’s tail got fluffed out ’cause he hates the noise. guess i shoul turn myself in for animal abuse right now!

    Jesus, give animals some credit.

    Oh and yes, ‘the Japanese make me sick’ is racist.

  11. ClockCat

    If I said all Americans are fat ugly pricks, thats not racist.

    If I said all Mexicans are poor and eat tacos all day, that is not racist.

    If I said all Japanese are laughable, idiotic people, that is not racist.

    If I said all British are pretentious and soul-starved, that is not racist.


    Racism would be commenting on white, black, etc.

    “All asians..” would lead into a racist statement. Pleae do not confuse this.

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