Faces around us

a9.jpg a1.jpg a10.jpg a11.jpg a12.jpg a14.jpg a15.jpg a16.jpg a17.jpg a18.jpg a19.jpg a2.jpg a20.jpg a21.jpg a22.jpg a23.jpg a24.jpg a25.jpg a26.jpg a27.jpg a28.jpg a29.jpg a3.jpg a30.JPG a31.jpg a32.jpg a33.jpg a34.jpg a35.jpg a36.jpg a37.jpg a38.jpg a39.jpg a4.jpg a40.jpg a41.jpg a42.jpg a43.jpg a44.jpg a45.jpg a46.jpg a47.jpg a48.jpg a49.jpg a5.jpg a50.jpg a6.jpg a7.jpg a8.jpg

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30 thoughts on “Faces around us

  1. dsfasdfsafd

    GAH I HATE this!!! Yes, someone else finally sees the faces!!!

    I used to go for weeks when I was a kid, seeing faces of this type everywhere. Three dots wasn’t three dots, it was a face with an expression!

    Mad props to the photog.

  2. Incognita

    There must be something in the air — I posted to Museum of Dust about the Flickr group ‘lifeless faces’ — full of hundreds more… I’ll link here too!

  3. Master of Desaster

    … got another one for you, build this one (the 4th pic from the top) myself to depict my lovely neighbour …
    (Just how lovable that [despicable] creature really is, the spectator can just decide for himself …)

    feel free to post it … :)


  4. Dan Roberts

    Thank you. I thought I was a nutcase because I have seen faces everywhere since childhood. But you have found some faces I might not have noticed. Terrific imagination!
    Dan R.

  5. gilly

    i love the faces in the ‘whatevers’ –i awoke from a seizure to the sight of soo many faces in the door to my room…mind you, i’d lost my creativity and was looking everywhere for it. it took the seizure to allow me to see aright…alright! it’s ever so much more fun living out here!
    illness does have a purpose…though i’d prefer a different course, this is what i got…just glad i got it back! even though i live in the margins i feel i see so much more than the wide-eyed, hurly-burly crowd.
    keep the play going! this is a limited run!!!

  6. NoX

    Check out this one! the indian faced rock! it was formed only by nature! I went there once and it is kinda impressing and there is a legend that goes with the rock.

  7. shu

    Nice to meet you.
    Wonderful faces are here.
    I have disclosed a similar blog in Japan.
    Will you care though haha.nu was linked?

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