Beauty is nothing without brain II

This time, it is not an advertisement clip, but a real thing. A contender for Miss Teen USA 2007, Miss South Carolina, is answering a question. Or probably the best human-based random words generator, I do not know. Question: How could she perform on these -tris games? -Quang-

Transcript: “I personaly belive that U.S American are unable to do so because uh Osama… people out there in our nation that don’t have bounds and I belive that uh uh our education like such as and south Africa and Iraq everywere like such as and… I belive that they should Our education over here in the U.S should help the U.S err should help South Africa and should help Iraq and foregoin countries so we will be able to build up our future”


One thought on “Beauty is nothing without brain II

  1. HemlockEcho

    I’m willing to bet she is among the 1 in 5 Americans who can not locate the US on a map.

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