7 intriguing genetically modified fruits & veggies

Do you know what a pluot is? It’s a hybrid cross between a plum and an apricot. Sounds yummy! The pluot pictured is just one of seven hybrid or genetically modified food items detailed at WebEcoist.

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3 thoughts on “7 intriguing genetically modified fruits & veggies

  1. Kina

    Have you thought about those genes crossing with yours? How about you get a pair of ears the size of those raisins? Please look into the fact that your DNA shares 99% of its composition with a leaf or grass or apple and the entire flora and fauna, along with the fact that genetics scientists are familiar with only 8 to 12% of our own DNA elements and functions. Would you plant a fruit only 8 to 12% known to you? Would you even consider eating it? Please don’t make this so “nice and nippy” just because you have not researched on bit of it and here you are showing of the article like its a toy of some kind. Be a human and not just biologically. Thank you.

  2. RP

    A Grapple is NOT an apple genetically crossed with grapes. It’s simply a Fuji apple soaked in grape flavouring!

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