Tiny Cars

Mini cars are not new ideas, but are very actual these days with the current price of oil. Erion has sent this collection of super mini cars, some of them are quite funny. Also watch this mini car review by Top Gear.



@ haha.nu.

17 thoughts on “Tiny Cars

  1. PigPen

    what? no Nash Rambler? all those little cars are really cool but just seems incomplete without the famous Nash rambler from the early 1960′s

  2. GP

    Nice set, but I wish you had the Subaru 360. I had one – imported to the US between 1968-1970. Had a 356cc air-cooled 2-stroke vertical twin engine (required separate oil to be mixed with the fuel). I got about 80MPG with it.

  3. James

    I second Tilly’s statement. I wish I knew more about the very contemporary jeep vehicle that is sixth from the bottom.

  4. Uncle B

    In the battery car age, soon upon us, distances traveled will be shortened by GPS and on-board computers, parking will be pre-arranged by cell-phone, we will park three electric cars in the place of one old gas-guzzler’s space, Two battery cars will travel abreast in the width of one gas-guzzler car, gridlock will be resolved by ‘Smart’ lights and computerized , cell-phone communicated info to battery cars. Rude, ignorant, bully drivers and those who wish to maintain the spirit of the wild west and engage in entertainment driving will be stopped immediately by road sensors and fined heavily. This is not science fiction, this is science’s answer to our current transportation woes! we are here now! Rising oil prices have forced us to change, and it is for the better! please welcome RFID chips on cars, in pavement, at traffic stops, in parking places and on your ass if it means better transportation for all. The oil barons have sunk their last American economy, they have raped our prosperity for the last time, they will soon become parasite nations without a host. The Chinese will follow our example, and the parasites will have to return to the deserts they cane from with empty stomachs or eat camel shit for all we care. We have finally conquered them and our addiction to oil!

  5. Don Suttle

    Electric car scenario; It’s 6:00 PM on a cold, 42 degree weeknight, it’s raining, you are stuck in rush hour traffic inching your way home in your electric car. Electric windshield wipers running, headlights on. Defrosters on full speed, Radio on for traffic reports. No engine heat to keep you warm. The battery is operating at 50% efficiency in the cold weather and what is remaining is depleting very quickly… Sorry gentlemen I just don’t think the pure electric car works for most people. Perhaps in S. California it will.


    As a child i picked a BMW issta car as my toy my Detroit relitives were deeply involved in the big three and they thought the car was neat as a musican artist now own tiny cars and had the big gassers also…….

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