It’s just your mind

In addition to the original It’s just your mind thread

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39 thoughts on “It’s just your mind

  1. dirty mind-

    Hahahaha these pictures are great,they’re hilarious.If you guys can PLEASE post some more!

  2. timothy

    as demonstrated many times (recently reading Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness) we humans have a hard time seeing what’s in front of us….as well as remembering past and predicting the future…’s like we should repeatedly be sceptical,rethink,step back,be modest….thanks for the great images and feelings !

  3. Trix

    Yes. I have the most horrible imagination…I had to actually look twice to see what it really was, not what was insinuated! LOL

  4. hillhale

    I too am guilty of the double take. I was trying to see OnLy what was in the pictures, without my own thoughts interfering. It didnt work, I found myself rolling (O) the (F) laughing, I now must eat chowda, away wit yew all, buebye


  5. Damien

    Not that funny, I don’t know why everyone thinks it is. “har har, it’s a vagina!”

    What are we, 12 years old?

  6. Gaspy

    There’s nothing amazing or perverted. The graphics were made and edited to look as penises/vaginas as much as possible.

    The hairs on the eye were clearly edited. The handbrake was lighted to stand out. The shoelaces were arranged in the shape of breasts. It’s not your mind, it’s the marketing.

    I know I’ll be flamed for this, but it’s not brilliant marketing, it’s lame marketing. Catering to sex to capture attention is cheap.

    You guys either:
    a) don’t get any;
    b) haven’t seen really good ads.

  7. trinity

    to those of you who aren’t laughing – lighten up, will ya? it’s all meant to be taken very tongue in cheek (your tongue, my cheek? lol…) and i for one think it’s brilliant marketing strategy – consumers actually stop to take a closer look at the ads, and to see which company came up with the idea.
    anyway, it was a nice break in a long afternoon…

  8. Ashley

    I love them, LMAO:) I’m kinda a blonde though so, I didn’t really understand the Harley Davidson!!! Oh well, there a good laugh1

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