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How To Make Temaki

Yummy yummy, easy steps to make Temaki, which is a form of rolled sushi, created in a cone or roll shape. And here is the ingredients:
* 1 sheet of nori
* some sushi rice
* some sesame seeds
* raw fish
* vegetables or other “goodies” of your choice



Audi Stop’n'Go

A cool system by Audi, developed for hi-end luxury cars which lets drivers know exactly how long before a traffic light turns. One cooler feature is you can turns the green light on, if there is no traffics. Click to read more. And, what happens, if two Audi-s are crossing the streets? :P -Vlad-


New Currency for Space Travellers

It is called the Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination, or Quid.

It is designed to withstand the stresses of space travel and has no sharp edges or chemicals that could hurt space tourists.

It was designed for the foreign exchange company Travelex by scientists from the National Space Centre and the University of Leicester.

So, in case if you have to travel intergalatically, take some Quids with you. Click to read more.



Visited Countries Map Maker

Create a map of places you’ve visited (or want to visit or dream about or know people from) and get HTML code that you can embed in your profile on Flickr, Facebook, My Space, your blog or any other web page. Just click your countries and the map will update itself automagically. Then paste the HTML code anywhere you’d like.

Click to make your own’s and have fun with the Map Maker @ BigHugeLabs. -Hang-