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This Book Doesn’t Work

This book doesn’t work. I’ve tried the “praying” method to get a new Porsche 996 delivered but to no avail. There’s nothing in the instructions about not wanting German sports cars but I tried praying for less ambitious things. I gave up when it didn’t even get me a Big Mac. In the early part there’s a bit about people crossing the desert and being sustained by manna from heaven, so you’d think that it would be able to manage at least a hamburger.

I’m disappointed and will contact the publisher. In the meantime I can’t recommend this book as it is clearly faulty.

You probably already guessed what is the bookHere to the review.


Wooden Path game

A 52-level puzzler where you slide blocks around to connect both sides of the river with wooden pieces. There are magic walls, teleports, and a variety of blocks to provide you with a challenge in each level. Click to launch. Thanks to Nick for sending.


How To Make Temaki

Yummy yummy, easy steps to make Temaki, which is a form of rolled sushi, created in a cone or roll shape. And here is the ingredients:
* 1 sheet of nori
* some sushi rice
* some sesame seeds
* raw fish
* vegetables or other “goodies” of your choice