Creative photos by Chema Madoz

Chema Madoz book. Enjoy also these creative artworks.

Chema Madoz book. Images copyright @ Chema Madoz. Visit his homepage to learn more about this incredible artist. @

2,230 thoughts on “Creative photos by Chema Madoz

  1. Anuja

    Mind blowing picture, love the ideas behind the pictures. Never seen anything like these pictures before.

  2. jared

    very interesting work i quite enjoy the way you potray a lot of your paintings keep it up and im sure yooull be known

  3. Kara

    Some good shots. Although it seems like you spend more time setting up your photos than you possibly do taking them which as a photographer I personally don’t do. I prefer motion and real life.. however this is just a different style but very enjoyable to look at all the same.

  4. ahmad

    the photos have been created by photo shop or other computer editing programs though are very creative and full of innovation.I prefer real taken photos but this style is interesting

  5. Elizabeth

    I found your site on stumble. Normally I have extremly good luck finding art and pictures…but this…this is dissapointing. If you are a freshman in high school, I appologize. Or, if your over sixty and picked up a camera for the first time, I appologize. If not…wow. Its really aweful.
    The picture with the lady holding the wine glass in front of her vagina…I’m pretty sure I understand what you were trying to convey. Thats probably the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. I have never tryed to professianly photograph anything in my life. But I know I can and would do and mean more

  6. Stewart

    Inspirational images that have given me food for thought with regards to my own photography.
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful images.

  7. borromeo

    mi mente queda desnuda y me quedan pocas fuerzas para levantar mi cámara , se me seca la garganta por tan brillantes de tu trabajo maestro de la ilusión y la esperanza

  8. Rob Lowe

    I have never, ever, ever seen anything in a collection of images that has amazed me like I am now. Utterly incredible. Clever thinking, simple images – huge impact! Simple wonderful! Thank you for showing us your amazing images.

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