Seamless pictures 2

Continuation of the first series of seamless pictures. By Jacek Yerka.

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50 thoughts on “Seamless pictures 2

  1. critic

    not as good as the first series, but very good none-the-less. when does series 3 come out ?

  2. Brian Siano

    This batch appears to be from the book _Mind Fileds_, wherein Harlan Ellison wrote a short story for each of the Yerka paintings.

  3. vietmaster

    So cool! Kinda interesting! However, the seamless picture 1 is better than second one

  4. san

    i loved the house from the first series, it’s always a bit different but yet it stays the same. your art reminds me of my dreams, when i wake up
    i want to know how its goes on.

  5. Cloud

    Fantastic pictures, but i cant understand somes. I like the first picture, children fly in the sky ^_^

  6. Xuan Thao

    First series has such brighter tone value, but the second makes people more impressed by its striking effect

  7. Bamboo

    Fantastic!!! i can’t find a right word to describe them as well as to express my feeling after enjoying it !!!……….Marvellous….

  8. Minh Đức

    Khá đẹp. Ý tưởng rất thành công, nét vẽ được, nhưng mấu sắc thì kém, ảm đạm và lạnh, ko biết có phải là ý đồ của tác giả ko?

  9. Zaius

    Those pictures could be the entire storyboard scenarios for a film. Start thinking about it.

  10. Rajiv Dhiman

    What can i say about them ,those are just just
    interesting & one more thing the artist Know The Use of Third Sence Very Well ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Great

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